Viral Posts. What, How and Then What?

How to make Posts go viral

Viral. It’s what all bloggers hope for and very few are prepared for.

One of the most popular questions in the blogging world is “how to make a post go viral” followed by “what is a viral post?”.

All the sudden you’ll notice that you’re getting a few more comments than normal and then you’ll see a spike in your analytics. Then there’s the question of “is this going viral?”

A viral post is simply a posts that is being shared in mass across one social media platform or several of them at the same time.

viral posts

There’s no magic number that says this is viral but a sudden spike in analytics can be a great indicator.

So how can you make your posts go viral?

Just like there is no magic number to pin point a viral post, there’s also no recipe to make your post go viral.

However there’s steps you can take to greatly increase your chances of a post going viral.

1. Have amazing content-

Produce content that answers a question, helps people in some way or offers an emotional connection. Bad content will never go viral. Publish your best content. Take time and work hard to blog better every day.

2. Share your posts on Social Media –

Sure someone else might share your post on Facebook resulting in that post going viral but what if they don’t? You always need to take the first step yourself. Show your followers what you want them to do. When you share your post your telling your followers on social media that you think it’s worth a share and they should follow suit.

3. Optimize it for Social Media.

Some posts you know will be the perfect Pinterest project. Make sure your photos are clear, well lit and have a vertical orientation to stand out on Pinterest. Other photos might do well with more of the family and friends atmosphere of Facebook.  Take time to develop a great update to go with your post that will fit well with atmosphere of Facebook.

You have to know what each social media platforms offers and format your post to fit the platform that will be fit the message or voice of that post.

4. Use SEO well –

Many times what will get the ball rolling on a viral post is simply it being found easily on search engines.


5. Emotional Connections –

This is a tip that you have to be careful with. Why? because our goal as bloggers should always to be authentic rather than a drama producing machine. It’s easy to exaggerate the current issues to write something that will truly pull at heart strings. However it’s much easier to get caught in a lie and your reputation is at stake.

However if you do have something traumatic or life changing happen, write about with truth and integrity.  Your own personal experience might find an emotional connection with people that want to share it.

Just be careful that having a post go viral because of emotions or drama should never be the goal of publishing that post.

So now you have a viral post, what do you do?

Once a post goes viral there will be a lot of people visiting your blog for the first time.

To keep them around you need to make sure that they are able to easily find other posts that appeal to them. Consider placing similar posts at the end of your viral post or in the sidebar.

You also want to be able to draw them back again. Do this by adding your social media links, RSS feed links and newsletter sign ups at the end of the viral post. Give them a way to find you so they can invest their time in reading your blog.

Another great idea is to monetize the viral post.  Add in affiliate links that fit well into the post and add an ad unit at the bottom of the post. it’s little things that will help you reap rewards for this post.

Continue to drive the viral post by contacting news stations and other media to let them know the topic of your post.  They’re not going to run a story on your post going viral but chances are that if the post is appealing to a large amount of people than other media outlets might also be interested in it.

Vial posts are never guaranteed and can often come as a surprise but go ahead and give your posts a nudge towards virility.