Setting Blog Goals in 2014

setting blog goals

It’s a new year!  Have you written out your resolutions?  Chosen your Word for the Year?

Have you set your blog goals?  Yes! Your blog needs goals and the new year is the perfect time to sit back and take stock.  Here’s how to do it.

Simple steps to help your blog grow by setting goals.

Setting Blog Goals in 2014

You have to know what you are aiming at in order to hit the target.  Setting goals is critical to your blog’s success- where are you going?  What are you trying to achieve?  How will you get there?

When you write down your goals, achieving them is easier. Your goals will change each year as your site changes.  They might even change throughout the year!  Your goals will help you know if you are on track, and you’ll know your hard work is paying off.

Some blog goals you may set for yourself this year are:

  • Setting a specific goal for traffic sources, amount, or keeping them on the site longer
  • Increasing your email subscribers
  • Setting up an editorial calendar and using it
  • Creating a media kit to share with advertisers
  • Increasing your social media presence
  • Using a new social media platform properly

The list of goals you can set for your blog is endless.

How do you set blogging goals?

Think about what you want your blog to be

Sit down and find your focus for your blog.  If you are a food blogger, keep seasonal foods in mind as you plan your calendar.  If you are a craft blogger, blog ahead of the holidays.  Once you find your focus and have a plan in place, blogging throughout the year will be a breeze.   We’ll be talking about this in future posts, with suggestions and questions to help you hone your blog’s focus.  Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss a post!

Make a plan

Create a schedule that works best for your lifestyle, keeping your personal life in mind.  If you tend to get lost in your writing, don’t schedule “Blog Daily” an hour before you have to be in the pickup line for your son. If you take on too much, or at the wrong time, blog burnout will take over and you won’t achieve anything.

Jot Your Ideas Down

A great calendar gives you one central place to keep all of your blog post ideas, notes and schedule.  Choose a calendar that gives you enough room to write down your ideas – for posting, site improvement, or even reminders of timely social media posts.  This way you’ll remember to tweet a link for last year’s “Cheesy Jalapeno Bombs” the Friday before the Super Bowl, and you’ll get your post for “Pedicure Perfect Toes” in time for sandal weather.

Have a support system

Find (or create) a blogging tribe with like-minded bloggers that are looking to support each other.  A blogging tribe is great to have for collaboration, support and creating a lifelong relationship within the blogosphere.  Another great way to find support is to join groups through social media, such as the Blog Elevated Community.  Our community is a great support system for bloggers that gives you immediate access to bloggers, speakers, and Blog Elevated founders for help, camaraderie, and talking shop.

If you have not joined the Blog Elevated Community, we’d love to have you!  Any blogger can join, even if you haven’t attended the Blog Elevated Conference yet.  (Though we’d love to meet you in person at Moody Gardens, too!)

Have short and long term goals

Having short and long term goals is key for your blogging success.  Break down your yearly goals into monthly and quarterly goals.  As you are planning your calendar and schedule for the year, include these smaller attainable goals.  Yearly goals are the big picture, quarterly goals are measures through the year to achieve the yearly goals, and monthly goals are breakdowns of the quarterly goals.

Yearly Blogging Goals Ideas: 

  • Increase traffic by 20%-25%
  • Gaining 300-500 new followers on a specific social media platform
  • Optimize 48 evergreen posts for SEO
  • Post at least 48 times on your blog

Quarterly Blogging Goals Ideas:

  •  Increase traffic by 10%-15%
  • Gaining 250-300 new followers on a social media of your choosing (should be the same social media platform as your monthly goal)
  • Optimize 12 evergreen posts for SEO
  • Post at least 12 times on your blog

Monthly Blogging Goal Ideas: 

  • Increasing traffic by 5%-10%
  • Gaining 100 new followers on a social media of your choosing
  • Optimize 4 evergreen posts for SEO
  • Post at least 4 times on your blog

Know your vision and then plan how to get there.  We’ll be talking about how to set great goals in our next post, but start thinking about where you want to be next year so you can plan how to get there.

Have your end goal in mind so you can achieve success. THIS is your year to take your site to the next level!

We’d love it if you’d share your vision for your site in the comments.  Don’t forget to leave a link to your blog so we can come visit!