Marketing Your Blog With Facebook Live

facebook live

Facebook has always been a great way to find new readers and connect with your avid followers. That ability to reach followers and fancs has dwindled in favor of pay-to play Facebook Pages where boosted posts and ads are necessary to get your updates seen.

A few months ago, something amazing happened: Facebook released live streaming video called Facebook Live. All of the sudden the algorithm shifted as Facebook gave users a shiny new toy and said “play with it, we’ll make sure your readers see it.”

Facebook Live is becoming a powerhouse, which was easily seen through the immense reach and viral spread of the Chewbacca Mom video. Overnight millions of people had seen that video and she was invited to Facebook Headquarters, Lucas Films, The Today Show and so much more.

It’s not just for viral videos.  It’s becoming widely used by everyday people who have a message to get out. Local news stations are using Facebook Live to show breaking news or cover press conferences. Website owners are using it to show their authority in their niche.

This is where you, as a blogger, come into play.

Facebook Live is a new tool that can’t be ignored. Do you know how to use it?

Here are a few of our best tips and tricks for utilizing Facebook Live as a marketing tool:

Plan it out – All great things start with a plan. Facebook Live is no different.  Sit down and write out what you want to accomplish, what your message is, and how you can carry that through in a 10-20 minute live video. Once you know what you want your video to be about, write a short script or outline. It will save you from bumbling and rambling through a live video, losing viewers along the way.

Think like a TV show host – A Facebook live video should be considered your own mini show. You’re the star and producer so you need to think like one.  This is where you need to take your planning to the next level. If you want an expert’s opinion on a topic, is there someone local that you can interview in person? Food bloggers might need to prepare several steps of a recipe in advance so that you’re not waiting for water to boil or a cupcake to bake on a live video. Little details matter and when it’s live, they matter even more!

Location is important – Consider where will you place your camera. What is the background behind that? If your Facebook Live will be a series of calming videos about bringing peace and serenity into the lives of your viewers, then filming at a fast food location with kids going wild in the playground behind you will be a nightmare. Likewise, make sure that the entire area you want shown can be clearly seen in the video. If you cannot get the entire area on the video, stop what you’re doing and reconfigure it. Use a tripod with a cell phone attachment to get  a steady picture and to position the view.

Lighting, lighting, lighting! – Think about it. If the Chewbacca Mom’s video had been in a darker car where you couldn’t see the tears rolling down her face because she laughed so hard, would it still have gone viral? Lighting truly is important when it comes to video. Too dark and your video will be grainy. Too bright and you’ll cause everyone to squint. Before you press “go live” on the video, walk around the space where you will be filming with your camera and find the best lighting.

Cross promote and market – Now you have your content and steps to film figured out, you need to tell people what you’re doing. Tell your Facebook followers that you’ll be doing a Facebook Live video at a certain time is a given, but why not jump over to Twitter and Instagram and let your followers there know as well? It’s a great way to cross promote and pull people over to follow you on other platforms as well.

Don’t forget – When the video is rolling sometimes nerves can get so jittery that things are forgotten. These videos have a purpose for your marketing plan, so you need to use it to its full potential. Don’t forget at the end to include a call to action such as, “visit my page, or sign up for my newsletter.”. After you finish filming, go back to the comments area and include a link to that call to action.  You also want to encourage views to subscribe to your Facebook Live feed so they’ll be notified when you are doing another broadcast.

The connection – The is the section that will literally make your Facebook Live video sink or swim.  You need a strong WiFi connection to broadcast a Facebook Live video without being disconnected. If you’re in a public place, play around for awhile on your phone to make sure that your location does not occasionally drop the WiFi to assure that people don’t sit there for hours and work. Also, any incoming calls or texts can and will end your video. The best tip for that? Turn your phone to airplane mode with the WiFi still on. Your calls will be sent to voicemail and your Facebook Live video won’t end until you want it to.

Whew. That’s a lot of great tips and tricks to get you started on your way to marketing your blog with Facebook Live. When are you going to get started?  Tag us on Facebook the next time you go live!