Make Old Posts Shine

repurpose old content on your blog

Bloggers who have been around for a while have great content.  The problem is, new readers often miss some of our best posts because they are buried in the archives.  It’s time to work smarter, not harder, and revitalize those old posts to help drive traffic, boost our SEO, and get new readers to stick around.

Reworking old posts is a two part plan: shine them up and get them found!   This post will show you how to revamp your archives, and we’ll be showing you how to drive more traffic to older posts soon.

Make Your Posts Shine

  • Edit Your Work. Go back through your old content and make a note of your evergreen posts. Read it with fresh eyes, and clean up any spelling mistakes or confusing passages.  Make it easy to read, get rid of irrelevant details, add bullet points if needed, and generally improve the quality of the writing.
  • Focus Your Posts.  Do you have old posts that are scattered, covering a couple of topics? Perhaps you wrote A Day in the Life type posts that had a great tip in it that went viral.  Break apart those posts into several relevant, new posts and link them to the original multi-topic post so readers can easily find the one tip or topic.  You’ve already written it, now it’s time to give each topic it’s own URL and home on the web.
  • Update information.  Have you gotten the same comment or question over and over on the post?  Had a new version of a product used come out?  Can you update a DIY post with long term results, showing how it held up a year later?  Make it fresh!
  • Check the Images.  Bloggers are constantly improving their skills, including photography.  Is that photo from two years ago still a great image to represent your blog?  Do you need to add a Pinterest friendly graphic?  Are your watermarks current, or have you changed your URL or logo?  Now is the time to add great images to old posts!
  • Refresh your SEO. Add meta descriptions, insert alt img titles, perhaps target a new keyword.  You may even decide to change the title.  Just be careful that your changes won’t change the URL of your post.
  • Add Calls to Action.  Add or refresh the call to action at the bottom of your post.  Tell your readers what you’d like them to do – “Subscribe now” or “Leave a comment”, or even add a conversation starter.
  • Check the branding.  Are your old posts up to your current quality?  Have you started using templates for posts, and now this old non-conforming post sticks out?  Maybe you just need to add some formatting.  Make sure your older posts are consistent with your newer posts

Updating past posts is an easy way to boost your authority and make sure your whole site is useful and entertaining.  Dust off the archives and get to work!


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