How To Write The Best About Me Page

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Have you ever truly thought about your blog’s About Me page or did you just jot something down and press publish to check that off of your list? Did you know that an About Me page is actually one of the most important pages on your blog?

An About Page will be one of the first introductions to your reader while also helping to connect you with brands that want to hire you. It’s important and deserves your full attention.

How can you write a great About Me page?

Let’s walk through the process together.

Step 1 – You need to plan.

Writing an About Page is hard because it’s personal. It’s right up there with writing bios. Most of us hate to talk about ourselves or we know ourselves so well that we omit very important information because we think other people will already know that as well.

Taking a minute to write down the information that you want to include will be a lifesaver.

In fact, let’s start with your name. Yes, you need to include your name on your About Me Page.  Many people actually forget to add their name to their blog. Your name is so important on your blog! It will give readers a personal connection while letting brands know who they are contacting.

Can you use a fake name on your blog? Yes! Many famous writers have used pen names and celebrities often use a stage name. If you are not comfortable using your real name you can use a fake name. However it’s important to note that this name will be associated with you forever, especially if your blog really takes off.

Another fact that many people leave off of their blog but is very important, especially to brands that want to work with you, is your geographical location. You do not have to include your exact location or name of the small town that you live in, just provide the name of the nearest metropolitan area.

Step 2 – Determine What You’re Giving To You Reader

What are you giving to your reader? How are you serving them?

Many people think that your About Page is about you. Sadly, your About Page is not really about you, it’s about why your reader can connect to you and trust you to provide the information that they are looking for.  It’s not about you, it’s about them.

Do you write about photography? What can you teach them about it and how do you know that information?

Are you a food blogger? What kind of recipes do you blog about? Do you do kitchen product reviews?

Once you outline what how you’re serving your reader, you need to go back and let them know how you’re doing it differently.

There’s thousands of blogs in any niche, what makes yours stand out? Highlight your life accomplishments and let people know how that accomplishment can serve them.

How is your blog different than all of the others? Why do they need to come to your blog rather than go to another blog in your niche?

Here’s your chance to capture their attention and loyalty, don’t drop the ball with a simple About Me page that doesn’t give you the authority in the subject that you blog about. 

Step 3 – Weave It Together In a Story

You’re a blogger. That means that you’re a passionate story teller.

If you’ve been writing out your information and accomplishments, now it’s time to weave it all together into a story that will capture their attention.

This is your chance, your one shot.

The tone of your story needs to match the voice that you portray in your blog and social media accounts.

If your blog is funny, don’t write a dry About Me page that is devoid of any humor. If your blog is very serious and deals with hard issues, don’t think this is the time to let your funny bone make an appearance.

Your tone and appearance of your About Me Page needs to match your blog.

In the same way, your creativity should match the overall tone of your blog.

Do you write a blog about photography? Are there amazing shots on your About Me page? Or can you use photos to tell part of your story? Do you have a great YouTube channel or want to be a speaker? Include a short video to showcase your talent.

Remember a story isn’t always written with words. 

Tip: Write a rough draft of your About Me page and walk away from it for a day or so. When you come back and read it again, does it make sense? Does it portray you as a person that can serve your readers?

Step 4 – Go Back And Load Your About Me Page Up With The Good Stuff

Hopefully now you’ve written a killer About Me page that will give people a glimpse into what you can give to them. Now it’s time to prove it.

One of the goal of any blogger is to keep people on our site.

We want people to find a bunny trail on our site and follow it through post after post, until they are lost within our words and stories.

Then we need to give our readers an opportunity to come back to our blog again and again.

We can do this in our About Page through two ways.

  1. Links that open in a new window – All those ways that you brag you can help your reader, link them back to relevant posts that open up in a new window so that they are not directed away from your About Me page just yet. Load your About Me page up with links that keep people on your site but also showcase the best of the best.
  2. Call to actions – You want your About Me page to leave people thirsty for more of your blog. Once they leave your blog, how will they find you again? Give them a call to action in several places that inspire them to sign up for your newsletter or follow you on social media.

Step 5 – Get Feedback

Once you have your About Page finished, it’s time to ask others for their opinion. Don’t just send the link out to your small group of extremely close friends, reach out further.

Ask people that you’ve just met at an industry event to give you a short critique of your About Me page. You can also ask any PR people that you have a strong relationship with to look over it. They might find you’re missing information that brands are looking for.

Get feedback from a large variety of people and make any changes that you feel are necessary.

Step 6 – Bonus Step!

This is a little bonus step that can help you be found in a search engine.

Look at the URL for your About Me Page.  Is it

If it is you’re missing out on a great opportunity.

One of the goals of your About Page is to help people find out who you are. Use your URL structure to help people in search engines find you.

Rather than just change it to include your name, location, and niche.

For example use .

Why? Because if someone is searching for Austin, Texas mom blogs, they will easily find you. What if someone saw you on the news but can only remember your name but not the name of your blog? If they search Austin blog Jane Smith, they’ll find your blog.


Now you’re ready. You have all the tools and tricks, go out and create your amazing About Me Page.

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