How to ROCK a Sponsored Campaign

Make your sponsored posts better. Here's what bloggers need to know to write the best sponsored posts

Digital marketing has changed dramatically over the past 10 years, and now more than ever, bloggers are leading the revolution.

That means your perspective matters to brands – particularly when it comes to what resonates with your audience during a sponsored campaign.

In a recent survey conducted by The Motherhood, bloggers told us there is a gap between what they think works for their readers during a sponsored campaign and what a brand thinks works. We bridge that gap to keep you aware of the campaign goals, and our feedback on how we can best use your individual strengths to reach those goals makes the campaign that much stronger and more successful for everyone involved.

As consumers download online ad-blocking apps in growing numbers and brands increasingly turn to blogs to reach their target audiences through sponsored content, there’s a growing recognition of the value blogs can offer as part of the overall marketing mix. You have an opportunity to set yourself apart by helping them navigate the unique world of blog marketing, with a focus not just on numbers and reach, but on the crucial elements of storytelling and engaging readers.

Notably – according to a research study The Motherhood conducted in partnership with the University of Pittsburgh – for the greatest impact during a sponsored campaign, bloggers who most connect with the brand’s editorial direction and messaging for the program are often the best fit, not necessarily elite bloggers with the largest numbers.

When you’re a great fit for a sponsored campaign and are hired by a brand, agency or blogger network, as in all work, professionalism is expectedclick here for a list of practical recommendations for making a great impression on your sponsored campaign contacts.

You also can use a few best practices to set yourself up as a true partner and resource for the brand, which will get you noticed and hired again and again. Here are The Motherhood’s tips on how to rock a sponsored campaign:

  • Be authentic and true to your own voice. Nurture the audience you have. Every blogger and reader community is unique, and there is no “one size fits all.” In your coverage, go beyond boilerplate messaging and be yourself while being respectful.
  • Prioritize creativity. There’s always room to think outside the box, and you know what works with your audience. Share that understanding, along with ideas you might have for better ways to reach your readers, with your campaign contact.
  • Connect with your audience with authenticity, purpose and value, and that success will lead to increased participation, engagement and action, whichare key elements in achieving – and even exceeding – the brand campaign goals.
  • Provide value to both your readers and the brand. Readers come back to blogs when they know they’ll find valuable content that is interesting, useful and entertaining. Your audience knows and trusts you to produce that content, and you’ve worked hard to earn that following. We know it’s not just elite bloggers, but engaged bloggers – whose readers feel a real connection to them – who deliver the best results for a brand.
  • Share honest feedback throughout the campaign. Success for both brand and blogger comes from open communication. When you provide feedback on the campaign, at every stage, it makes the program better. At the end of a campaign, don’t be afraid to share highlights from your content, along with general feedback, key learnings and more. Your strategic thinking will be noticed.
  • Make sure your content lives on. As a content creator, you’re helping a brand populate its digital bookshelf, and the value of a well-written post extends long beyond the date it’s first published. Content that comes from the heart and adds value for your readers usually has the potential for long-term views.

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