How to Participate in a Twitter Chat

Knowing how to participate and host a Twitter Chat is a great way to make money as a blogger. Many companies are looking for influencers to jump into their Twitter Chat as a paid participant or even to host that chat for a substantially larger sum.

Not only can you be paid for brand directed chats but many times joining in Twitter Chats that are led by professionals in your field, are a great way to learn. They’re a free mini course that you can interact in and ask questions. What’s not to love about that?

Twitter Chats are fast, easy and fun but you have to use tips and tricks along with practice to develop those skills in order to be effective.

Here’s a few tips to help you participate in a Twitter Chat:

1. Use Another Program – Many people join in a Twitter Chat directly from Twitter and quickly become overwhelmed. It’s hard to keep up with the hashtag in Twitter so jumping into another program that gives you a dedicated column to see the hashtag of the chat and who is responding directly to you can make it a lot easier.

The Blog Elevated team uses Tweetdeck for Twitter chats while others prefer Hootsuite. Both have free options but they do take time to set up. In a pinch for time? Use Tweetchat which will show you the chat stream and automatically refresh throughout the chat.

2. Be Active – Many times people participate in Twitter Chats by simply watching the stream of the chat and never interacting. You miss out on so much by not jumping into the conversation. If you’re newer to that topic and don’t fully understand it, don’t be afraid to ask questions. You might help clarify the issue for someone else that is in your same boat. You will gain more when you try to join in the conversation.

Not only will you make new connections with other people who are also participating but you’ll also get to practice quick thinking and the ability to sum your thoughts up into 140 characters. Being able to quickly tell people your thoughts in a concise manner is a huge skill to have. Develop that skill using Twitter chats!

Tip: Don’t forget to add the chat hashtag to your tweets so that others can see what you’re adding to the conversation!

3. Save Links for Later – Many times during a Twitter Chat someone will share a really great link that you really want to read! But if you click over to the link and read that content, you’re going to miss a part of the chat. When you come back you’ll be a little lost and have to play catch up.

Right click to open the link in a new tab in your web browser and keep chatting! Then at the end of the chat you can go through and read any information you saved during chat. Then you’ll have more time to add the really great posts into your social media sharing line-up or act on it in other ways without being preoccupied with chat.

4. Prepare – A few short minutes before a chat to prepare can really be a great asset to you later. Twitter chats move fast. You can spend a few minutes during chat digging for a link or image that you really want to share or you can prepare in advance and have it ready to go.

Is the chat about Pinterest? Have the link to your profile and perhaps screen shot of your profile ready to go. Then you’ll be able to share that information quickly with a visual aid to help grab attention. If the chat is about education, have the affiliate link to your favorite book pulled up and ready to share (with a disclosure that it is an affiliate link). Maybe the chat is about food from Spain? Do a 5 minute research of Spanish style food and prepare a question that you might want to ask the chef participating in chat. Being prepared for a chat will make you stand out in that busy Twitter stream.

Now that you’re ready to join in a Twitter Chat, we’ll see you on Twitter at 9pm CT on Monday nights for #BlogElevated Chat!