How To Create Eye Catching Pinterest Graphics

How to Create Eye Catching Graphics for Pinterest

Pinterest is visual.

It doesn’t matter how amazing the words on your blog post are, if it doesn’t have a gorgeous graphic, your site will not attract Pinterest traffic.  Graphics are eye candy for Pinners scrolling through their feeds and they can make or break your Pin.

Why should you care about Pinterest traffic?

In short – Pinterest is now competing with Google as a search engine. Yes, this perfect little social media platform is a powerhouse of search, where people go looking for answers, inspiration, or even a simple laugh.

Pinterest has over 100 million active users. Let that sink in for a minute. One. Hundred. MILLION.

There is a huge opportunity to drive traffic to your site using Pinterest. There have been a few changes in the past year or so, mainly Smart Feed, that has made conquering Pinterest take a little more work.  The good news is that Pinterest gives you in-house analytics so you know exactly who you need to target and what they are interested in.  (New to Pinterest Analytics? Read all about it here!)

So what does it take to fully utilize the power of Pinterest?


People will tell you that you need to have a great description on each pin, apply for Rich Pins, properly name your Boards and use SEO keywords. All that is true!

But if people scrolling through their feed quickly do not stop on your graphic, descriptions and keywords are meaningless. Having a description worthy of the Pulitzer Prize on your pin will not matter if they do not stop long enough to read it.

So how do you make jaw dropping Pinterest graphics?

1. Start with a great photo

Taking great photos can sound daunting if you’re not a professional photographer but there’s a few tips that can really help you.

  1. Background – If you are photographing a picture for your blog or Pinterest, what’s in your background? The focus should be on the object, not on the items behind it.
  2. Lighting – Dark or brownish / yellow photos will kill a great shot. It doesn’t matter how wonderful that salad looks, if the photo comes out gray or grainy because it’s not properly lit, the salad loses it’s appeal. Photograph items next to a window or take it outside under a covered porch for the best lighting options.
  3. The extra step – A great photo is one that’s properly staged with complimentary items. If you’re not there yet, that’s OK. Start small and gradually work to improve your photo composition and lighting skills. Instead of setting a table with props, get a piece of patterened scrapbook paper to bring color and interest to the photo. Place it under the item you want to photograph and you’ll have already added a much needed pop of interest.

2. Format Your Graphic

Don’t just fill your post with horizontal pictures and hope that the best one will win. Give your readers, and yourself, an amazing graphic to share to Pinterest!

There are several different options when it comes to a great Pinterest graphic format:

How to create great graphics for Pinterest

Option A  – Two photos with a text box in the middle of the two. This is a great way to show how the product in your post looks on a large scale followed by a close up shot. These photos usually do very well to drive traffic.

Option B – One long picture with a simple text box at the bottom. This is a great way to show the users your powerful photograph that will lure them in while also quickly letting them know exactly what the post is about.

Option C is the play-by-play gallery of pictures tied into one graphic. Without a doubt, these are the most viral picture formats on Pinterest. However sometimes these photos give everything away and leave people little to no reason to click over to your site. These types of photos are also the most widely stolen type of image on Pinterest for others to use to drive traffic to their site. If you want to use this format, you need to give people a reason to click over to your site as well as police the images heavily on Pinterest to watch for pirated images.

3. Make it Memorable

Everything you do online should be branded to your site and your branding needs to shine on your Pinterest graphics. That doesn’t necessarily mean that your watermark needs to be huge, it simply means that the pins from your site should be easily identifiable.

If someone is scrolling Pinterest, will they be able to pick out the pins from your site without looking at the description or clicking through?

How can you brand Pinterest graphics to your site?

  1. Use the same colors or complimentary hues.
  2. Use the same fonts as much as possible.
  3. Determine a feel for your photos. If all of your photos have a black background, don’t suddenly change to blaring white. Let your photos speak for you and tell others that you created them.

4. Don’t forget –

There’s several more tips that can really help you be a Pinterest pro.

  1. Name your graphics with vivid keyword descriptions.
  2. Fill in the alt image tag with the same description that you named your graphic.
  3. Do not brag about how great of a pin it is in the description if you are uploading it yourself to Pinterest and it’s your graphic.
  4. Look into online courses on photography or even on how to create better pictures using your phone.
  5. If you do not have pictures in your post, create a graphic using stock photography.
  6. Learn how to hide those long images in your post from this tutorial at Pinch of Yum.

Pinterest is too valuable to ignore.

Don’t let your traffic be taken by your competitor because they are great at developing Pinterest graphics.


How to Create Eye Catching Pins for Pinterest