How to Become an Authority in Your Niche

How to Become an Authority in Your Niche

Everyone wants to make a difference and be known for their blog.  But within your own niche, who are the people that you look up to and why? Who are the real movers and shakers in your niche? Most importantly, how did they become the authority in the niche that gave them the following to command that power?

How did they get there and what do they get from it?

People that are in the authority position in their own niche are the ones that will first be looked to by brands and also by readers.  They’re also the ones people will click over to first, before digging through 50 smaller, less authoritative sites.

So how can you become an authority figure in your niche?

Get to know your niche forwards and backwards.

Education is the key when you want to be seen as a leader and an influencer. You need to educate yourself.  Spend time learning about your niche’s main topic. If you’re a craft blogger, will you be prepared when someone asks you what type of glue gun they should use? If you’re an education blogger what will your reply be when someone asks you what you think of Common Core Curriculum? Do you know your stuff? If not, then you need to learn it.

It’s not a one time dip into the subject either. To be seen as an authority in your niche, you have to stay up to date with all the current news and discoveries.  Facebook changes more than some people change their underwear. Yet if you want to be seen as an authority figure in social media than you need to know all these changes and how to use them to benefit yourself and others.

It might seem hard, but if you’re passionate about your niche it will come naturally.  Subscribe to blogs and other news services that cover your niche. Spend a few minutes a day reading about topics that are covered by your niche. Follow other people on social media that are authorities in your niche and network with them.  Knowing what is happening in your niche and being one of the first one to spread the news will help set yourself up as an authority figure.

Don’t just do, teach.

Look at everyone that has been an authority figure in your life so far. What’s one thing they all have in common? They taught you something.

Once you’ve educated yourself about your niche, turn around and wisely use that information to guide others. It doesn’t mean that you have to write a 4000 word post that gives away all your key secrets but it does mean that you need to share your knowledge with others to guide them.

Don’t just show yourself off as knowledgeable one time. Turn that one 4000 word post into 5 smart blog posts that show your authority bit by bit. Let them know that if they have questions, they can come to you.  You might not know the answer but if you don’t, find someone who does and come back to them with an answer or a name of someone who can help them.

Too many bloggers spend their entire blog career trying to sell themselves to others.

Stop selling and start  teaching.  It’s easy if you know your stuff. Just tell people what you know and you’ll be seen as an authority figure.

Create AMAZING content

What would happen if one day Martha Stewart got up in front of the TV cameras and said, “today we’re just going to draw stick figures”? There’d be nothing crafty about the stick figures, she’s just use a plain pen and if we’re sticking to the theme, it would be the minimum about of words humanly possible just to get the segment out.  If it happened once, it’d be the center of gossip blogs and would slowly die off. But if it happened again chances are fewer people would see her as an authority figure in the world of crafting. It if continued to happen than her show would be canceled and no one would buy her products because what’s the point when she doesn’t even show you what to do with them?

Many times bloggers throw up a short 350 word post that are meaningless.  The posts don’t teach anything, and they aren’t useful or relevant. The headline promises new info or big secrets, but once readers click through they find circles of words that don’t say anything.  Bland posts that are just trying to meet the minimum words for SEO with  pictures that don’t correspond will disappoint readers.

Readers that feel tricked or let down won’t be coming back.  Bloggers that post the bare minimum will never been seen as an authority in their niche.

Your content has to sparkle. It needs to go to the next level and beyond. If you want people to see you as a leader, you have to put pressure on yourself to take every step possible to qualify.

Find great content and share it!

An authority figure doesn’t work alone. Have a strong network of others that you can fall back on.

Great content in your niche is continuously being produced. Rather than seeing it as competition, share it with your followers so that your followers know that they can find great information from you. Later when your followers need to find something withing your niche, they’ll know that they can depend on you to have it for them.

You can’t solve every problem by yourself but with a strong network of other authorities, you can do unbelievably amazing feats.

Brand well

Just last week we discussed branding with the American Blogger Controversy. It’s important. It’s more than just important, it quickly tells people who you are and what to expect in one quick glance. If your blog name is Kiki’s Kitchen and you’re posting stock market analysis than you will never be seen as a stock market authority.

The name has to match the game.

Make sure your logo / name / tagline match the niche you want to be seen as an authority in.  Then make sure your readers can recognize your brand, across all social media.

Be coming an authority in your niche is important.  Give your blog your best and push yourself to be a leader in your industry, then reap the rewards.