4 Ways to Grow Your Blog Today

Learn how to grow your blog with these 4 easy steps!

Growing your blog can be daunting when you look at the big picture. There’s SEO (search engine optimization) to learn, social media accounts to grow and all those pesky broken items on your blog to fix and there’s just not enough time in the day to tackle it all when you also have to write a blog.  So what do you need to do to grow your blog?

There’s a few simple steps that you can take at your own pace to grow your blog.

1. Own the content on your own blog – If you blog on Typewriter, Blogger or WordPress.com you do not actually own your content, the site that you publish on owns your content.  Nothing will give you a larger boost when it comes to search engine optimization than telling the search engines that you are so dedicated to your blog that you will buy the space on the internet to be there and set up shop for the long haul.  Yes you can grow your blog and be successful on free platforms such as Blogger but it probably will be slower and google will have ownership of your site and can shut you down without warning. Become a self hosted blog using a server such as Blue Host and watch your blog grow in numbers.

2. You can be everywhere at once if you cross promote – There are so many social media sites today that sometimes it gets overwhelming. No you do not need to be on all of them but you do need to be on the heavy hitting 4. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google + all need to be your focus. So how can you promote yourself on all of them? Cross promotion will help you save time and still put yourself out there. When you write a blog post add it to pinterest under a board that you make that is only your posts and ideas. Then take that pin and share it on the other social media platforms. Then you’re growing your pinterest account with the help of your other accounts. You can also share your Facebook status on Twitter and Google plus. Share it around but also make a few minutes a day to start a conversation on one platform. The next day converse on another one. Social media doesn’t take forever if you break it up and divide it out.  Once you master the big 4 then add smaller ones that you just simply enjoy such as Instagram or Stumble Upon.

3. Learn how to optimize your posts for particular purposes. If you have a post that you think would be awesome for Google and your main purpose it to have it come up in search engines as evergreen content, use a few minutes to research the best SEO practices for posts and put those practices in place. If you have a great DIY post that will do well on Pinterest use pictures with titles on the photo set in vertical orientations, which skyrocket on Pinterest. Stumble Upon posts do best when in a list format that requires very little scrolling to get to the majority of the text. You might be awesome at SEO but a post will do best on Pinterest if it’s visually appealing and informing so remember to occasionally optimize your posts towards other outlets to help grow your blog.

4. Be You. Truly the number one way to grow your blog is to be yourself. People are coming to your blog because of what you offer. You are unique and should not have the same ideas and same layout of everyone else. Let your uniqueness shine and let people  see you. For awhile The Bloggess was offering advertising on ponies on her blog. It was a crazy idea but it worked because it was unique and it fit who she is and what her blog represents. The Bloggess refuses to mold herself to fit into the traditional blog mold and her site has grown to amazing numbers because of who she is and her braveness to share it with the world.  Be you, there’s no one else that can do it.

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Learn how to grow your blog with 4 easy steps!