Easy Steps to Getting Started on Periscope

Easy Steps To Getting Started On Periscope

Periscope is the newest app in the livestreaming game and it’s easy to use.  Here’s a quick Beginners Guide to Periscope to help you get started!  The app is owned and backed by Twitter which makes it a powerhouse even though it’s young.  View the world through someone else’s eyes is the promise Periscope makes and it’s a way to engage your audience through the intimacy of live video.

If you’re not on Periscope, give it a try! It’s a lot of fun.  Just follow the step-by-step guide and you’ll be using Periscope like a pro.

1. Download the Periscope app to your phone. Persicope only lets you broadcast from a mobile device.  It’s available on Android and iTunes.  Viewers can watch your broadcast from the web or their mobile devices.

2.  Log in with Twitter.  Periscope will pull your avatar and profile information from your Twitter account to create your Periscope account. Your Periscope name will be your Twitter handle.  Set up your notifications, and if you want to keep a copy of your broadcasts make sure you click [Autosave Broadcast] in your settings screen.

3.  Watch a couple of broadcasts to familiarize yourself with the app.  If you tap the screen, you can send the broadcaster you are watching hearts, which tell them you like them.  Hearts are the currency of Periscope and you can send lots of hearts while you watch. Just keep tapping the screen.  You can chat by clicking [Say Something] on the bottom left.  Exit the broadcast by clicking the X in the upper right corner.

4.  People will find you by becoming a follower and getting a notification from Periscope when you go live, clicking a link from Twitter, or in Global Search.  Periscope’s search function isn’t great yet, though.  Great headlines will help you stand out.

 5. At the top of your screen there are three icons: a TV, a World, and a Crowd.
          The TV icon shows you what is going on with people you follow. You can watch stored broadcasts, see who is live, or start your own broadcast from this screen. You’ll also see a featured broadcast.
The World icon will show you a list of global broadcasts that are live and happening right now.
Use that one when you are looking for something to watch.
The Crowd icon helps you find people you follow on Twitter. See which of your friends are on Periscope and follow them!
Click the Crowd icon to access settings.  After you click on the crowd, you’ll see a single person in a circle to the right of your screen. Click on it to view your profile, then click on the gear icon to get into settings and notifications.

Now you’re ready to broadcast on Periscope!

Periscope Beginner's Guide

6. Click the orange camera icon in the bottom right corner to get started.  A new screen will open prompting you to create a Broadcast Title.

7. Write a great, descriptive title.  This is how strangers will find you and decide whether to tune in.  Make sure your title is clear and don’t be deceptive just to get viewers.  If you tweet out that you are broadcasting, your title will be included in the tweet so remember to keep it 100 characters or less so there is room for the broadcast URL and #Periscope hashtag.  You can use other hashtags in your title to get more traction on Twitter but don’t overdo it – one or two is enough.  Periscope doesn’t use hashtags within the app yet.

8. Make sure you click the Tweet button. Underneath your broadcast title, before you click the orange [Start Broadcast] button, there are three icons.  The arrow will share your location, the person/speech bubble will limit conversation only to followers, and the Twitter icon will automatically tweet out a link to your broadcast.  Twitter is one of the best ways to get viewers and followers.  Make sure you tweet out when you broadcast!

9. Choose Public or Private. You can create private broadcasts and invite selected viewers only, but if you are trying to gain followers, go Public.

10. Click Start Broadcast.  Toggle your screen from front camera to back by double tapping the phone screen.  When the camera switches from  front to back there will be a lag, so pause what you are saying for a second or two.  Pay close attention to what the starting image is when you broadcast- that will become the thumbnail if you allow your broadcast to be replayed.   Periscope broadcasts in Portrait mode, if your phone is horizontal you will be sideways.  If you are using the self facing camera, it is mirror imaged so keep that in mind if you show signs with text on them.  It will need to be written backwards!

11. Interact with your viewers.  Greet them as they join, respond to their comments. Viewers can only interact with you by typing in comments or tapping the screen to give you hearts.  Keep your eye on the bottom left corner to see what people are saying to you!  Try not to be boring, avoid long awkward pauses, and be yourself.

12. End your broadcast by clicking the down arrow at the top of the screen and hitting [Stop Broadcast].  You can then see your stats- how many people viewed, duration, and so on.  Go ahead and follow anyone that looks interesting or that gave you a lot of hearts.  You can also delete the replay if you do not want people to view an archived version of your broadcast.

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