How to Sponsor Blog Elevated

Are you a brand or service, interested in being a part of Blog Elevated Conference 2016?

What we can provide for you as a brand:

Engagement – Our community is engaged! They are active social media influencers that want to connect and work with you.  Let us help you reach out to them and get your product on their blogs.

Quality – Blog Elevated stands out because we work with integrity. We are going to provide you with top return on your investment.

We Go Above and Beyond – We are not a normal conference sponsorship.  Our goal is to work with you leading up to the conference, not only for that one weekend of the conference.  After the conference we will send you information that will help you see the return on your investment that other conferences do not provide.

Relationship – Personal relationships are the key to successful marketing. Let us help you build relationships with the influencers that can spread your message with those in their audience that look to them as an authoritative relationship in their life.

We would love to provide you with references from brands we have worked with in the past.

Contact for more information.