Can Pinterest Analytics Help Your Blog Grow?

When’s the last time that you dove headfirst into your Pinterest Analytics? Did you even know that Pinterest offered analytics?

Boost your blog with pinterest analytics from

You must have a Pinterest account for business to utilize Pinterest analytics. If you are a blogger, your blog is a business! Pinterest for Business is free and only takes a few minutes to switch your account over to a business account.

Why should you have a Pinterest for Business account if you’re a blogger? First of all, it verifies your account. If another account is found to be using your pictures, it will be easier to have the pictures removed from their account. It also adds your URL to your Pinterest profile and a small checkmark next to your picture.

The number one reason to use a Pinterest for Business account is so that you can have access to Pinterest Analytics!

There are so many great ways to use Pinterest Analytics to boost your blog’s performance. Let’s break down Pinterest Analytics and how we can use the information:

1.  Your Pinterest Profile – 

The first section when you log into Pinterest Analytics covers your Pinterest Profile. At the top you’ll have the options to look at impressions, repins and clicks and the devices that they came from. You can also view your all-time most popular pins and boards.

Using Pinterest Analytics to Boost Your Blog


Taking time to click through all the options will show you what pins and boards are the most popular ones for your Pinterest account.

How can you use your Pinterest Profile Analytics to boost your blog? 

  • Find out what your most popular pins have been for the past 30 days. This will tell you what your followers are currently looking for. Pin similar content or put your take on one of the pins and post about it on your blog.
  • If one of the most popular pins is an old post from your blog, feature it on your blog A.S.A.P. to get even more traction on the post!
  • Find out what your most popular boards have been in the past month. Make sure you’re pinning to that board and repinning from that board.
  • Look at your most popular repins. What’s different about the graphics and description? What is causing it get get repinned more than your other pins? Also consider how many are pins from your blog? Use those popular repins as a guide to creating pins from your blog.
  • Finally look at the clicks tab. The most clicked pins are the ones that are actually converting into website views. How many pins that lead to your site are in this section? Work on creating stronger graphics and descriptions to get people to click over to your site.

2. Your Pinterest Audience – 

The audience tab on your Pinterest analytics will tell you more about the people that are viewing your profile/pins and their location. Why is this important? Demographics give you a glimpse into your reader. If you can identify your core demographic than you can deliver the content they need and want.


Using Pinterest Analytics to Boost Your Blog

The audience tab will also tell you the language and gender of your followers. The interests tab will bring up a list of interests that your audience subscribe to as well as a list of audience boards that contain a lot of your pins on them.

How can you use your Pinterest Audience analytics to boost your blog?

  • Follow the boards that contain a lot of your pins. It’s a great way to say thank you to the people that pin your content while also finding similar quality content to repin.
  • The interest tab will give you great insight to what your audience wants. If you have boards that do not fit any of these interests, and you don’t need or want them for personal use, delete them.
  • Add the audience demographics for Pinterest to your media kit. Let businesses that want to work with you know who you’re reaching and where they are located. Brands love demographics and will respond positively.

3. Activity From Your Blog –

Activity from your blog is an extremely important tab when you want to drive traffic back to your site from Pinterest. This tab will show you exactly what pins from your site are doing on Pinterest. Who’s putting them there, how much they’re getting repinned, what boards are they being pinned to and more are very imporant when you want to boost your blog with Pinterest.

how to boost your blog using Pinterest


Consider changing the dates on your activity reports to show long term statistics as well as monthly for the most accurate picture of your site’s performance on Pinterest.

How can you use your Pinterest Activity analytics to boost your blog?

  • Take time to evaluate what pins are getting the most repins and what boards they are being pinned from.
  • Look at what timely posts of yours are not included in these lists. What can you do to get them pinned more? Do you need a new graphic or to repin them to group boards?
  • Revisit all of your posts that are getting the most clicks from Pinterest. Are there links in that post to other relevant posts of yours? Can you add in affiliate links to that post to give it a monetary boost?
  • Which pins rank higher in search? Use the popular keywords from those pins on other pins that are simlar or use those keywords to brainstorm new blog content.
  • Compare all of your successful pins. What size are the graphics? Is there a color that is standing out to you? How can you use those layouts in future blog posts to see more success on Pinterest?
  • If any of your most active pins are sponsored posts, send the brand representative an email with screenshots to show them the great success you’ve had with that posts!
  • Include statistics from your site’s activity on Pinterest in your media kit. Tell brand representatives your overall Pinterest impressions for the past month and the statistics for your most popular pin.  It speaks to what you can accomplish on Pinterest!

Pinterest is a valuable tool for bloggers. If Pinterest isn’t bringing you the traction that you want for your blog maybe it’s time to spend some time in Pinterest Analytics.  By comparing what is working with what isn’t working you can develop a time efficient strategy to get more out of Pinterest for your blog.

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