Announcement: Change is Good – Why I’m Leaving BE

Blog Elevated changed my life. It took a shy woman, who was scared of public speaking and thrust her onto a stage with a microphone in her hand and a captive audience that was forced to listen. It gave me confidence and surrounded me with a loving community. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. Over the past 8 years, Blog Elevated has changed more than just my own life.

We started Blog Elevated because we saw a blogging community that was struggling to connect and most importantly, learn. Blogging has changed so much in the past ten years and now as social media has become a major player in marketing those blogs, the changes have hit warped speed. Almost daily there’s a change either in social media algorithms, SEO tactics or even social etiquette. The blogging community needed the education to keep up to date and help their blogs thrive. Lisa and I started Blog Elevated to see all bloggers grow and we have spent years pouring into our community, a community that I fiercely love. We hear all the time from bloggers about how we have helped them change their life and their blogs and that’s all we ever wanted.

Not only that but along the way we’ve stayed true to our commitment of “family first” and we’ve been able to raise kids that see two strong women leading a charge for something they believe in. They’ve seen us give back as we led classes for Hurricane Harvey affected businesses to give them tools to help bring their physically damaged business locations online where a storm couldn’t destroy them. They’ve been at the registration tables during conferences to see people eager to learn how to take their online presence further, helping meet their personal dreams and goals. Our kids have had the front seat in our lives as we’ve empowered other women, encouraged anyone who needed support and did all we could to effect positive change.

I am beyond proud of all we have accomplished. The BE community has become our heartbeat and one that I’ll be forever grateful. Sadly though, this year my heartbeat is changing.

I’ve been very public in revealing that I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety over the past few months. During that time Lisa graciously has let me step back and take the time that I needed. Her and I both had the same hope, that I would return stronger and ready to conquer our plans for the future. However, during that time I realized that my heart has changed. In the midst of this depression and anxiety that still holds onto me, I’m changing and it’s a really good thing.

Sadly, this means that it’s best if I permanently step away from Blog Elevated. We’re not sure of the timeline or what it will look like but I’m announcing it now to stop speculation or whispers because what we’ve created is too good for drama and gossip.

Change is hard but I’m thankful for the family, friends, and community that supports me daily, including Lisa who will do amazing things and take great care of BE.

Thank you to all of you. It’s been an amazing 8 years.