Blogging Partners: Building a Strong Alliance

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Editor’s note: Today we are welcoming Paula Rollo to our blog with her guest post on finding a blog partner.  Paula is the real deal- she has thriving partnerships and is a successful blogger. – Lisa

One of the greatest things about blogging is the community that it offers. Finding a blog partner was one of the biggest things that helped to launch my blogging career (and that of my partner, Becky as well).

Becky and I found each other when we both had fairly small blogs, but we were two girls with huge dreams. We’ve been working together for two years now, we’ve started a second (shared) site together, written a book together, written many blog post series’ together and most recently joined up with some other bloggers to start a new business together. The sky is literally the limit with partnerships, and they make everything more fun and easier.

Having a partner means some one always has your back.

It means having some one to rejoice with you when you hit milestones and get frustrated with you when you plateau.

It means having a person that will be brutally honest when you ask why things are failing… simply so they can help you improve and be your best.

It means growing faster than you thought possible!

I wanted to share a few tips with you today to help you work with a blogging friend/partner. This goes beyond the typical “share groups” and “tribes” (which I also love) and takes it a few steps farther.

What to look for in a partner:

  • Style – Your partner has to be some one who has a blogging style similar to your own. You will both be working relentlessly to help one another grow. This can only be achieved if you are writing for the same audience.
  • Trust – You have to love everything your partner writes. It’s so much easier if you can freely share, pin and tweet for a friend without having to proof read to see if they are speaking against something you feel strongly about. Being able to confidently share every single article without needing to look it over with a fine-tooth-comb first will save you a lot of time and effort.
  • Goals – You should definitely have similar blogging goals and the same drive to meet those goals. If one of you is building a hobby blog and the other is trying to make six figures a year, you will soon have to part ways. Latch on to a person who has the same blogging dreams that you do and the same drive to do whatever it takes to make those dreams a reality.
  • No Jealousy – It should go without saying, but you can’t ever be jealous of your partner. There will be times one or the other might achieve something solo, and that’s okay. Take the time to be excited for your partner! This is so easy to do when you have a great partner. Becky and I have always said that we see all of our accomplishments as positives for both of us, simply because we always find a way to make them benefit the other person too. We truly want to see the other person succeed and that makes all the difference!

Ways to work with your partner

There is really so much, but here are a few things we’ve found that work great:

  • Promote – Have a slot on your schedule to promote for them every single day! We even have a shared secret pinterest board where we pin all of our content and then repin for each other daily!
  • Series – Create a blog series together! This is a fun way to work together and provides great content for each of your sites! Choose a topic, split it up into pieces, so you don’t each write from the same angles, and then promote one another throughout the week, sending traffic to one another’s sites.
  • Experiment – If you have a theory about how something works, try it out with your partner! This helps you gather more data to see if it was just a fluke or if you discovered a new and awesome way to get traffic to your sites!
  • Communicate – Becky and I talk every day now! We’re always brainstorming together, planning for new and more exciting things to do on our personal sites and the one we share! Keeping the lines of communication open is a great way to be successful as a team!

If you are wondering where to find such a person, you just have to reach out. If you are in blogging tribes, see if there is another person in there that seems to have the criteria listed above (that’s how Becky and I got started together). Make connections at a conference like Blog Elevated, or even take a chance and email another blogger you love. Just remember to start small. Don’t go “all in” from the start. Give your partnership and trust in one another the chance to grow.

Paula Rollo is and author and fulltime blogger at Beauty Through Imperfection and one of the co-founders of Blogger2Business. She has a passion for helping other bloggers reach their dreams!  Paula just launched an ebook with her Blogger2Business partners: Why Your Blog is Failing and How to Fix It. She lives in Texas, enjoying the hot weather with her husband and their two rambunctious preschoolers.  Love this post? Send Paula a tweet and let her know! @Paula_Rollo

Note: Looking for a partner? Join our Blog Elevated Facebook group and get to know some like-minded bloggers!

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  • Great post! I blogged the first few years as a lone wolf and my life has changed since I started finding more community and working with other bloggers. I love these tips!

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