Why Blog Elevated? What's in it for you as a blogger?

Be Inspired.

Have you ever hit writer’s block, and don’t know what to post?  Gotten discouraged because you’re not growing?  Felt like you’re spinning your wheels?

We hate that.

Blog Elevated will bring you together with 300 other bloggers who get it.  We know how you feel.  We’ll listen to your Twitter war stories and delight in your clever series images.

We’ll bring in teachers who are bloggers and teachers who have a different perspective as small business owners or licensed professionals.  At Blog Elevated, you’ll find a group of bloggers who will share your pain, share your joy, and inspire you to blog better.

Blog Elevated will help you hone your voice and give you the tools – and community- you need to be a successful blogger.

We want to help you develop the personal relationships that are crucial to success.  We’re more than a conference, we’re a community and we’ll continue the Blog Elevated experience online all year long.

Be Professional.

We are in the information age and bloggers are the new media.

We’ll help you step up your game.  Learn about the business of blogging, from tracking your stats to optimizing your site for the web.  We’re bringing professionals to teach you about copyright laws, business basics, ethics, and time management.

You’ll come away with concrete action plans to take your blog to the next level, and you’ll finally know what to do with all those receipts floating around in the bottom of your bag.

There’s no such thing as an MBA in Blogging, but now there is Blog Elevated.


Be You.

Blog Elevated will help you take your blog to the next level.

We won’t force you to be someone else’s blog.  We won’t make you follow a model you know in your heart is wrong for your site and your readers.

We’ll help you polish your site while letting your natural voice shine through.  Because we love you and we love bloggers.  We wouldn’t have you any other way!

We want you to be authentic.  We want you to be.. YOU!

Get Involved Now!

Now is the time to join Blog Elevated. Don’t wait to grow as a blogger.

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